Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Pho runs around acting silly and needing a padded room to bounce about in!

The hunt has started! The Hunt has Started!

149 Amazing stops and tons of great prizes to be found!

Get an in world preview of some and then start the hunt

Prize preview area

Once you're done oogling the goodies follow the blue guy chasing marbles to Firefly Fashions and start looking for the first marbles.

Happy Huntin!


  1. Just an idea, sorry I hope it doesn't come off as rude, but maybe for some of the prizes there could be a shop name or a LM giver? I LOVE a lot of the stuff I see but I'd like to know where it comes from. ^^ Thanks and good job on the hunt.

  2. I don't add the shop name, store number or slurls because we don't want people picking and choosing which store they go to, we like people to do the whole hunt :) If you want to know where something is from you can IM me inworld :)

  3. oh and you can see the pics on my blog too and I've wrote which items are the prizes http://evelynhartshon.wordpress.com/